About Us

NIMPMOS PTE LTD is established in 2017 as a registered company in Seychelles and has officially launched our live broadcasting app in 2018.

We focus on video broadcast and VoIP related product and services all over the world.

Nimpmos is currently based in a few branches including Taipei, Guangzhou, Kuala Lumpur and Penang with Malaysia as headquarter. Known for being a multiracial country, Malaysia is home to some of the biggest bi-lingual talents who are well-versed in English and Mandarin as well as the locally spoken Bahasa Malaysia.

The operation and marketing in the Malaysian HQ are currently managed our dedicated team of 30 staffs. The Taipei branch on the other hand, serves as a core pillar for the Nimpmos operation by being the centre of recruitment for live broadcasters. The teams consisting of 45 staffs that are based in Taipei, are responsible for managing the operations of up to 400 broadcasters by monitoring the performance of their live streaming and handling broadcaster’s live schedule. The technical teams are based in Guangzhou with strength of 36 staffs, who are all resident of Guangzhou. The technical teams are in charge of maintaining and developing new features on the Nimpmos app from time to time.

The Nimpmos family is mainly composed of the Taiwan and China team . We believe that our Chinese technical teams are capable on consistently developing new live streaming features while the Taiwanese team on recruiting and grooming prominent influencers to be a part of the Nimpmos team. In addition to the usual Nimpmos live broadcasting show, these influencers will be also be representing the company for attending major events, filming, brand endorsements or any form of activities capable of generating income for the company. Nimpmos’s main goal is to ensure a fair and transparent decentralized community platform that helps broadcasters in their field. All together, the company can help to simplify the process and costs by eliminating the middlemen to avoid having payment issues with the broadcasters.

Our leading mobile video broadcast product- Nimpmos has attracted South East Asia’s most active young & fashion people together to share their interests.

Besides offering live broadcasting platforms, Nimpmos is a one stop internet solution company that offers additional services such as social media marketing, videos or photos shooting to live program shooting.

Get on board with us, get on board with the best. We offer full service ad account management, including targeting and demographics, copy, images and site optimization recommendations. Facebook marketing is our passion, and we love bringing it to other passionate people. Let us take the wheel, and your business is in fora great ride.

We believe in the unlimited potential of human creativity. In fact, it’s why we come to work every day – to create a powerful platform where anyone can broadcast and express themselves in front of a vast live audience.

In a moment when social media and TV are converging, we’re proud to provide a product that fuses the experience of broadcasting, gaming, performing and social networking, giving direct power to the people and enabling them to discover and create new kinds of interactive content in real-time.

Nimpmos is an easy way to experience anything happening across the world via live videos. These are broadcast by influencers, celebrities and experts – giving you a peek into the lives of your idols, motivating, inspiring, educating and entertaining you!

We are now expanding our business from Malaysia to Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong. By April 2018, 400 broadcasters are being managed by us daily. The broadcasters can be categorized into two different groups, as exclusive contract broadcaster or non-exclusive contract broadcaster.