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Here’s a quick rundown of feature NIMPMOS has

Categorized Channels

Choose from a wide variety of categories, including entertainment, sports, health and many others to start viewing content that matters to you.

Verified Broadcasters

To maintain the authenticity of Nimpmos's live content, users need either an account verification or referral from a friend to be upgraded from a viewer to a broadcaster. This is one of our efforts to ensure viewers have a fantastic viewing experience.

Share Everywhere

Broadcasters can share their Nimpmos stories to their website and social media pages to increase their reach further.

Live Notification

Nimpmos's push notifications ensure that you never miss live broadcasts of those you follow.

Watch Later

You can always choose to watch stories from your favorite broadcasters later if you are pressed for time when they are live broadcasting.

Real-time interactions

Respond to live stories in real-time to let the broadcasters know your reaction - clap, like or chat.

Awesome Gifts

Tons of fancy animated gifts as well as adorable presents help you lift the mood and enhance your awesomeness!

Non-stop ultra entertaining live shows

Millions of talented broadcasters, passionate dancers, music prodigies, fierce talk show hosts, big eaters, comedians, etc. Excellent entertainment galore!

 About Us

About Us

NIMPMOS PTE LTD is established in 2017 as a registered company in Seychelles and has officially launched our live broadcasting app in 2018.

We focus on video broadcast and VoIP related product and services all over the world.

Nimpmos is currently based in a few branches including Taipei, Guangzhou, Kuala Lumpur and Penang with Malaysia as headquarter. Known for being a multiracial country, Malaysia is home to some of the biggest bi-lingual talents who are well-versed in English and Mandarin as well as the locally spoken Bahasa Malaysia.

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Our Team

Ines Yao Tsai Chen
Ines Yao Tsai Chen
Founder & CEO
Yoko Hsu
Yoko Hsu
Chief Marketing Officer

Questions & Answers

If you apply to become a broadcaster and are approved, live videos on Nimpmos will take your social reach and engagement to the next level. When you choose to share your live videos publicly on Nimpmos, it not only reaches your followers, but is made visible to everybody using the app - in everywhere worldwide. This includes verified celebrities (yes!), influencers and other users who share your passions and interests. We've designed the app to increase discoverability, ensuring your videos get the popularity and social attention they deserve.
Live broadcasting is the new way stars are connecting with their fans. You can chat, game, do tutorials like make-up, sing, do giveaways, and more!
Everyone! Nimpmos is for new stars and famous celebrities. People broadcast about all types of things, from fashion, music, gaming, to art and beauty. If you are looking for an app to broadcast, Nimpmos is it!
Go into a live broadcast, comment, or use flying comment to talk to the broadcaster. You can also send gifts to get the broadcaster’s attention. If you connect with someone, there’s also direct messaging.
We have a recommendation list for new users. We’ll show you awesome people. From the discovery page, you can also find different categories of broadcasts.
People are talking about what’s happening now. Where you live, you’ll find it among all the feature list.
First set a cover photo which can show people your content and why they should join your broadcast. Make sure you give it an appropriate category to help. Nimpmos is full of passionate people who are constantly checking the discovery section with categories, and the featured lists.

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Apple App Store and Google Play Store


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